Ipswich Town: Portman Road upgrade affects 750 season ticket holders

Secure standing areas, new television gantry and increased seating capacity will see “approximately 750” season tickets have to be removed from existing seats.

“Back in January, under Part K, the Premier League visited and vetted a number of clubs that they thought had a chance of promotion to the Premier League. We were one of them,” Ashton said on TownTV.

“Based on this audit, we have to start preparing for more than 15 big infrastructure projects. We have to put the orders in place and arrange the work so that when you get promoted, you can push the button. You have to show the Premier League that you are ready .

“So these infrastructure projects are starting now. To be honest, some of them have already started.

“We will have around 750 season ticket holders who will be moved to other parts of the stadium. Why? Well, under Football League regulations we currently offer around 2,000 tickets to away fans. That must now be increased to 3,000 .

“We will introduce some safety standing at the start of next season. That will be at Upper Cobold. There are challenges at Upper Cobold due to the incline (steepness) of the stands. But after discussions with the local authority After this issue has been addressed, the Security Advisory Group is the most reasonable place for us to test our security status.

“As a result, a number of seats in the Upper Cobbold will be converted to safe standing. This includes the A Block and where most away fans are currently. We discussed whether to start with the North Stand, the South Stand, the West Stand, but the conclusion Conclusion, this is the logical point for us to test it.

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“On top of that, you have to have cameras around the stadium. In the Championship we had six camera feeds. Now we have 46 camera feeds in the Premier League, plus VAR. So there will be For some supporters in the West Stand, this needs to be moved because cameras have to be installed.

“The Upper West Stand required the installation of a brand new TV gantry which cantilevered over part of the central executive box above the director’s box. This work had to be carried out.

“If you look at the area of ​​the tunnel that the team came out of, you will see that there is a security office with a large glass window directly above the tunnel. Above that, the pitched roof will be removed and a third level will be placed on the building. That will be a Sky broadcast facility.

“Our floodlights have a wattage of about 750/800 watts and the whole stadium has to be around 1700/1800 watts. We will switch to an LED system. The whole stadium will look very, very different under the lights.

“All this work costs millions of pounds but it has to be done. These are the minimum requirements.”

Ashton added: “What I would say to the fans is this. These projects have been considered in detail. We challenged ourselves, we worked with local authorities, we worked with key stakeholders to come up with what we wanted plan.

“There is a team working tirelessly behind the team at Portman Road, whether that’s in ticketing, retail, operations, media, communications, finance etc. The team is stretched thin right now. They are working tirelessly to make sure we get it right Preparing for the Premier League.

“One thing I would ask the fans is to understand why we are making some changes.

“You might have been sitting in a particular seat in this stadium for a long time, but you might not be sitting in it next season. We’re going to have to move some people around. There’s no choice.”

“So please don’t complain to staff that you have to change seats. The decision has been made and for a reason.

“The fans have been very good to change in the past and I would ask them to do it again.

“All I ask fans to do is just breathe. Please do not contact the box office or customers will try to get ahead of you. We know who you are and we will contact you very, very quickly and we will give you alternatives.”

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