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Mark Skinner says he understands Manchester United’s decision not to hold an end-of-season awards dinner and refuses to criticize the way the club communicated the move to its players.

The women’s team, which won the FA Cup final on Sunday, had not been informed of the club’s decision to cancel the traditional end-of-season awards dinner. Competitor Report it.

The club usually hosts an end-of-season dinner at Old Trafford, handing out honours, such as the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year Award, and recognizing breakthrough young talent.

However, Manchester United women’s football players only learned of the decision through the following channels: CompetitorReport.

“This club definitely celebrates the success we’ve had, especially on the weekends,” Skinner said. “So I have no doubts and no questions about it.

“It is very important that we do not give up on what was achieved at the weekend and I know the club will not do that. Although this conversation is taking place in a public setting, from our perspective we understand exactly what the situation is.

“We understand the decision. We are working towards the success that Ineos will bring us as well. I am sitting in a position of celebration rather than worrying about what has happened and what has not happened.

“I understand the decision, I respect it and in due course our girls will have the success our club celebrates.”

When asked if it was fair for the women’s team to be adversely affected by the men’s disappointing season, Skinner added: “The celebrations are going to happen anyway and the women’s team is going to happen, so I don’t feel anything about that. .

“It’s a long season, so I want to live in this space and I want to live in the joy that the players bring to us as fans.

“I know the club will give and support the players’ success and we will be happy about it. So I don’t feel anything but happiness.”

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Manchester United Women were unaware the awards banquet was canceled until the plans were made public

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