What will happen to the Premier League trophy on the final day of the season? Is there one for every surface? Which one is a replica?Everything you need to know as Manchester City and Arsenal battle for the title

  • Manchester City or Arsenal could be crowned Premier League champions on Sunday
  • What happens to the trophy when they play on opposite sides of the country?
  • Of course, if Arsenal cannot win the league, Tottenham fans want their team to lose to Manchester City! Listen to “It All Begins!” podcast

Manchester City and Arsenal enter the final day of the Premier League season with both sides battling for the title.

If City beat Spurs tonight, they will move two points ahead of the Gunners heading into Sunday’s game.

Otherwise, the ball is in Mikel Arteta’s side’s court as they seek their first Premier League trophy since 2004.

As Manchester City will face West Ham United and Arsenal will face Everton on the final day, the gap between the two teams will reach 198 miles.

So, what exactly will happen to the Premier League trophy, given that any team can lift it? Where are the medals? The Daily Mail brings details of the plans for the final day of the season.

Manchester City and Arsenal will battle it out for the Premier League title on the final day of the season – at opposite ends of the country
So, what happens to the trophy?Mail Sports is always here to provide you with answers

The Premier League has been well-rehearsed with final day drama.

Everyone remembers the moment in 2011-12 when Sergio Aguero won Manchester City their first title.

It was just one of nine times the winner was decided on the final day.

Jurgen Klopp missed several times on his final day at Liverpool, with United losing to Blackburn Rovers in 1994-95 and Newcastle a year later, with the Red Devils only sealing the league title in a treble .

This Sunday will be the tenth time it happens, so what’s the protocol?

Would a crack security team be holed up somewhere in the Midlands, guarding a facility containing the trophy, waiting to be called to helicopter it in the direction of Etihad or Emirates?

Will one team store the real trophy before kick-off, while the other team receives a replica?

Well, no.

The winning team will receive 40 medals, and any player who has competed five or more times will be eligible for one medal

According to sources close to the Premier League, the same Premier League trophy will be waiting at each stadium.

In addition, each venue will have a set of 40 medals. Any player who makes at least five appearances is eligible for one.

Each venue will be outfitted with the same podium and vent pyrotechnics they need to quickly set up for the championship party.

Once the Premier League trophy is lifted, professional engravers come downstairs to inscribe the team’s names on it – not before they are lifted in triumph.

Once a trophy is won, the team can keep it for a year, while the Premier League will be responsible for another trophy – one that is not awarded on the final day.

But the team will eventually relinquish their award, three weeks before the end of next season, when they must return it… and hope they’re lucky enough to lift it again.

The psychological war was in full swing when Arsenal fans set off fireworks outside the Manchester City team hotel at 2am on Tuesday.

The aim is to distract the Manchester City star ahead of the trip to Tottenham Hotspur.

Arsenal fans wearing balaclavas set off fireworks outside Manchester City’s team hotel on Tuesday morning, but the players were not present
Fireworks exploded over the road and in the hotel, causing violent scenes and disturbing the guests.

What’s the only flaw in the plan? City were not staying at the hotel as they would not be leaving the night before the Premier League match.

Who knows what other twists and turns may come before one of the teams lifts the trophy on Sunday night.

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