‘I’m an unbeatable Arsenal – Manchester City deserve to win the title and I hope they can do it’

Former Arsenal and Manchester City defender Gael Clichy has nailed his flag to the mast as the Premier League title race heats up

Either Declan Rice or Erling Haaland will celebrate the Premier League trophy on Sunday(McCregan/Getty Images)

Arsenal’s Invincible man has admitted he is backing Manchester City’s bid for the Premier League title.

Gael Clichy, 38, has a track record in both camps, spending eight years with the Gunners before moving to Manchester City where he stayed for six years before leaving England in 2017. The Frenchman is now an up-and-coming manager and will be a happy man at whichever club he lifts the trophy on Sunday.

However, if he had to choose, he would want City to secure a fourth successive title at the expense of Mikel Arteta’s side. Clichy exclusively told Ladbrokes Fan Zone: “What impresses me most about City right now is that even when they’re not playing well, they’re still destroying teams. For 90 minutes, they dominated almost every game. status.

“A few weeks ago against Arsenal they didn’t play particularly well and people were saying this was Arsenal’s perfect chance to beat them because City weren’t at their best yet.

“But even though they were not at their best, they dominated the game. They may not have won the game, but I would say that over the course of a season they were undoubtedly the best team.

“They are the best team because if you look at any game where they dropped points, if you replayed it 10 times, they would have probably played one, lost one and won eight. Now you can’t No other team in this division says that.

Clichy added: “The luxury I have is that I have played for both clubs and I am really a fan of both clubs. I am a young coach and when you are in my position, You just do your coaching badges, you have ideas in your head, you have a philosophy and it just so happens that I’ve been at two clubs for so long and now happen to be the ones that really inspire me.

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