Gillette’s ‘RefCam’ video released against Manchester United at Crystal Palace

Video of the ‘RefCam’ worn by Jarred Gillett during Crystal Palace’s Premier League match against Manchester United on Monday 6 May has been released, giving fans the first chance to watch a Premier League match from a referee’s perspective.

The video with audio covers the pre-match protocol, from walking out of the tunnel, to the referee shaking hands with the players before the game, and the coin toss with the two captains, Joachim Andersson and Casemiro.

There is also footage of the first half of the game, when Crystal Palace’s request for a penalty was rejected by Gillette. You can hear Gillett explaining his decision and hear the voice of his VAR, who confirms the decision not to award a penalty on the pitch.

The camera is approved by IFAB, the Premier League, PGMOL and both clubs.

It forms part of a one-off program produced by Premier League Productions (PLP) which will be broadcast later this year as a means of educating the public on the requirements of Premier League referees, with the aim of increasing respect for Premier League referees .

The technology consists of a head-mounted device integrated into commonly used referee communication systems.

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