Premier League rivals announce controversial deal after Aston Villa face backlash over ‘wet’ kit

Castore was heavily criticized for his “soggy” kit for Aston Villa this season, but they were still able to sign a contract with another top team

Castore partners with new Premier League team after backlash over wet kit he made for Aston Villa(Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

Burnley have announced that Castore will be their new kit supplier, despite the company facing fierce criticism for the “soggy” kits they produced for Aston Villa this season.

Villa will ditch Castore in favor of Adidas this summer following controversy over this year’s kit. Both the men’s and women’s teams complained to club bosses about the quality of the kits.

The problem is blamed on the Castore Crazy Jersey retaining sweat, making players feel heavy and uncomfortable. Although Villa chose not to renew his contract, Castore has successfully reached a partnership with Burnley.

The Clarets will be relegated to the Championship this season and in preparation for relegation they have entered into a multi-year deal with Castoreda. The Manchester-based manufacturer also supplies training and match equipment for Burnley’s men’s, women’s and academy teams.

In a statement, Burnley claimed Castore was “committed to excellence” and “relentless in his pursuit” of innovation. The Clarets added that the partnership will be “exhilarating for fans and players alike” and chairman Alan Pace was delighted to sign off on the deal.

“I’m excited to partner with Castore as our new official technology partner in a multi-year agreement. As organizations, we share similar values, a desire to push boundaries, a passion for innovation and a mission to make athletes better, ” Pace said.

“Castore’s ‘Better Never Stops’ philosophy is fully aligned with our vision as an always forward-thinking football club. With a respected portfolio of world-class athletes and brands from across the sporting world, I look forward to working together Developing a strong partnership to build our brand globally so that our fans can enjoy it.

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