Who is the best budget defense ahead of the Week 37 doubleheader?

Fantasy Premier League managers face a growing injury crisis in defense ahead of a crucial moment of the season.

Double Game Week 37 (DGW37) will be the second largest double game week of the season, with six teams competing in two games.

As a result, FPL managers have been stockpiling players from Brighton, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

This will be a popular week for Bench Boost wafers, with the chance to earn points from 15 players who have all played twice.

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But people like this get hurt Fabian Schaal (£5.7m), Destiny Udoji (£5 million), Marlowe wants (£4.3m) and Young Paul Van Herk (£4.1m) is ruining those plans, leaving the manager starved of defenders and decimating their bench at the worst possible time.

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Scouts are here to help, assessing the best budget options for the backline, who will make two appearances in DGW37 without breaking the bank.

Who is most likely to keep a clean sheet?

Analyzing the opponent’s attack over the past six games can help understand the potential of the DGW37 team to keep a clean sheet.

In terms of expected goals (xG), the data shows Chelsea and Newcastle have the best chances of scoring at least one winner in DGW37. Notably, both teams face Brighton, who have the league’s second-worst expected goals average of just 4.54 in their past six meetings.

Chelsea also visit Nottingham Forest, who have an xG of 8.81 in their last six games, meaning the Blues’ DGW37 opponents have a total xG of 13.35 in that period.

But Chelsea have suffered so many injuries at the back that investing in their defenders has become more risky, while the situation in Newcastle’s treatment room has made it difficult to decide which player to select.

group is a question, and both Nick Pope (£5.3m) and Kieran Trippier (£6.6m) Very close to resuming action which could impact record of markdown asset Martin Dubravka (£4.3m) and Tino Liveramento (£4 million).

For Manchester City, Stefan Ortega (£3.7m) if Adelson (£5.5m) remains on the sidelines. However, with the title in Manchester City’s hands, many FPL managers may opt for three attackers, or at least invest in a defender with enough attacking upside.

Opposition attacks, last six games
team Opponent’s xG Opponent’s combined xG
chelsea NFO (8.81), BHA (4.54) 13.35
new castle if(4.54), if(9.67) 14.21
Manchester City All(11.11), All(9.28) 20.39
Tottenham BUR (9.39), MCI (12.94) 22.33
Manchester United ARS (11.39), new (13.83) 25.22
brighton New (13.83), Car (13.96) 27.79
Who is the biggest goal threat?

Manchester City’s If Guardiol (£5m) Tops among DGW37 defenders in terms of goal threat.

The Croatian has scored two goals in his last six league games and is also joint-leading for shots on goal and shots inside the box.

Tottenham Pedro Polo (£5.8m) matches Gvaldiol’s total of eight shots and is second only to Liverpool’s Virgil van Dijk (£6.7m) among all defenders with nine.

Harry Maguire (£4.2m) equaled Gvardiol’s six shots in the box, scoring his second goal of the season against Sheffield United in Week 34.

The statistics highlight the United centre-back’s aerial threat, with his four headers taking him joint-top with Chelsea. Thiago Silva (£5 million) under appraisal.

In fact, Chelsea are the most represented team in the analysis, with Silva, Mark Cucurella (£4.8 million) and Axel Disasi (£4.9m) Each recorded at least four shots in the penalty area.

However, both Silva and Disasi have been ruled out of Chelsea’s match against Tottenham on Thursday, so their participation in DGW37 remains in doubt.

Player’s goal threat in the last six games
player Target lens Lens in the box header
Guardiol 2 8 6 3
farther 1 8 5 0
Maguire 1 7 6 4
Silva 2 5 5 4
Cucurella 0 4 4 1
December 0 4 4 3
Romero 1 4 3 2
burn 0 3 3 3
again 0 3 3 1
slam dunk 0 3 3 3
Who is the most creative?

Creativity numbers show why so many managers want Gusteau Can recover from knee discomfort in DGW37. The Chelsea right-back has completed 15 key passes in his last six games, three times more than all but three players in the table below.

Gusteau’s eight successful crosses are double the total of all opponents here, and the Frenchman has a scoring chance every 34 minutes.

His teammate Cucurella comes closest with 11 key passes, with the Spaniard contributing two assists in this period.

Manchester United’s Diogo Dalot (£5.2m) was also impressive, completing 10 key passes. He created 3 big chances more than any other player in this evaluation.

City, meanwhile, dominate in terms of creativity at the back, with four players in their ranks.

Although Kyle Walker (£5.4m) has provided three of his five assists this season in the past six games, although it is worth noting that he has only completed four key passes.

Still, the right-back’s passing remains a key weapon for Guardiola’s side. Walker’s four successful crosses were more than his team-mate Gvaldiol’s two combined. Manuel Akanji (£5 million) and Rico Lewis (£4.2 million).

Player creativity, last six games
player Assist key pass created huge opportunities success.cross
Gusteau 1 15 2 8
Cucurella 2 11 1 3
share 1 10 3 3
Louis 0 8 2 0
farther 0 5 1 2
save 0 5 0 2
Akanji Temple 0 5 0 1
Walker 3 4 2 4
Wan-Bissaka 1 4 0 1
Guardiol 1 4 0 1
So, who should managers buy?

chelsea, new castle and Manchester City Based on player and team data, assets are the ones most likely to reward managers on both ends of the floor.

For the blues, Cucurella Gasteau should be considered if he fails to return from injury, while Newcastle’s Dan Byrne (£4.6m) He has starting safety to provide a solution if his teammate Schaal is ruled out.

With two goals, one assist, three clean sheets and seven bonus points in his last six games, he shows why Guardiol If you don’t mind spending £5m, it’s probably the best option of the bunch. His offensive potential is much greater than that of Walker, whose £5.4 million price tag may prove too much of a deterrent.

Meanwhile, Manchester United Maguire Having a goalscoring threat proves to be a valuable asset, although as the team’s statistics indicate, the Red Devils’ prospects of keeping a clean sheet appear to be very limited.

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