How to exploit the last attack point to make late progress in FPL

Scouts have focused on low-owned assets whose form and fixture list are good enough to thrive in the final three game weeks of the 2023/24 Fantasy Premier League.

Ahead of the upcoming Double Game Week 37 (DGW37), the millions of managers in Fantasy will likely have very similar midfield and forward lines.

Six teams will play two games in the penultimate round – Brighton, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur.

Therefore, many FPL managers are expected to have a midfield consisting of DGW37 assets Cole Palmer (£6.2 million), Phil Foden (£8.3 million), Anthony Gordon (£6.3m) and Sun Xingmin (£9.9m).What I said before is all about Erling Haaland (£14.1m) and Alexander Isaac (£8.3m).

That leaves only two attacking positions where coaches can differ from each other and progress in the mini-league or world rankings – and they can only pick seven of the eight attackers in the starting XI each week. So, who are the best players to target?

Who are the form players?

Chelsea’s Palmer is Dream’s top scorer in the past four games, with 53 points with 7 goals and 1 assist.

Bruno Fernandez The 22-year-old (£8.5m) is the closest of the top-scoring attackers. The Manchester United playmaker has scored 5 goals and provided 1 assist for 46 points.

Manchester City’s Kevin De Bruyne (£10.5m) has recently become a key figure in their bid for the title. The Belgian has scored six goals in his last four games, while Foden has scored five. During this period, De Bruyne was outscored only by his teammates 40 to 41.

Elsewhere, Crystal Palace Jean-Philippe Matata (£5.1m), Arsenal Kai Havertz (£7.5m), Aston Villa Ollie Watkins (£9m) and West Ham United Jarrod Bowen (£7.6m) is the most in-form attacker in a single game in DGW37.

Matetta is Fantasy’s top-scoring forward over the past four games, with 33 points with four goals and one assist.

Havertz’s 14 and 13 points in the past two weeks have highlighted his growing influence on Arsenal’s title bid.

Watkins has matched the German’s 31 points in the past four games. The striker’s three goals and two assists put Villa firmly in pole position, finishing fourth and qualifying for next season’s Champions League.

Highest scoring attacker in the last four games
player point G A bonus
Palmer 53 7 1 6
Fernandez 46 5 1 10
foot 41 5 0 6
De Bruyne 40 3 3 6
math 33 4 1 6
Watkins 31 3 2 5
Gordon 31 1 4 5
Havertz 31 3 1 4
Bowen 29 2 3 3
Isaac 29 4 0 5
Who is the biggest goal threat?

Manchester United’s Alejandro Garnacio (£5m) has taken the joint-most shots from the penalty area in the last four games of any player.

The Argentine’s 15 shots inside the box equaled Fulham’s Rodrigo Muniz (£4.5m), as did his 16 attempts.

Despite failing to score, Ganaccio had seven shots on target and was better than only two other players in the evaluation.

The popularity of Isak and Haaland ahead of DGW37 was understandable, with both finishing in the top three for shots in the penalty area and big chances.

However, Matetta tops the list with 8 points.

Havertz and Watkins once again attract attention.

Havertz’s nine shots lead the analysis, while his goal conversion rate of 23.1% is the same as Haaland’s.

Meanwhile, Watkins created two great chances here, while also creating three of his own.

Player’s goal threat in the last four games
player Lens in the box Big opportunity Shot on target created huge opportunities
Muniz 15 5 7 0
Grenache 15 3 7 1
Haaland 13 7 6 1
Isaac 13 6 7 1
Brereton 12 3 8 0
Watkins 12 3 7 2
of 12 1 4 0
math 11 8 7 0
Havertz 11 4 9 1
Kluivert 11 4 7 0
organize 11 1 4 0
Who is the most creative?

The list of top creators in the past four games immediately shows that Fernandes, Palmer, De Bruyne and Bukayo Saka (£9 million).

Over the past four games, Fernandez’s 18 key passes are the most of any Fantasy player, while his six big chances created are second only to Kevin De Bruyne.

The two playmakers also had eight shots on goal in that game, which ranked third among all fantasy players.

Palmer’s 22 shots and 12 shots on target were both league-high, and he also completed 12 key passes, a total behind only four other players.

Saka, meanwhile, was the only player to appear on both tables at the same time, taking 12 shots in the penalty area and delivering 11 key passes.

Notably, Arsenal are the only team to have multiple players on the creativity meter, Martin Odegaard (£8.6m) provided 13 key passes. The Norwegian has contributed one goal and two assists in his last three games.

Player creativity, last four games
player key pass created huge opportunities Lens in the box Big opportunity Shot on target
Fernandez 18 6 7 5 8
McNeil 13 3 5 0 3
Odegaard 13 2 4 0 1
Palmer 12 1 10 7 12
Christie 12 0 3 0 1
Hammer 12 1 1 0 2
of 11 0 12 1 4
De Bruyne 11 7 8 0 8
Diaz 10 0 8 2 4
madison 10 1 3 0 1

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So, who is the best differential attacker?

Both Fernandez and De Bruyne With the potential for goals, assists and bonus points, he could earn a spot on the coaching staff.

Both of these guys look like the best options on the DGW37 team, with the former’s teammates Grenache There is also a considerable target threat in terms of budget.

Arsenal’s title race against Manchester City makes their players the best choice among 37 teams in a single matchweek.

Crucially, the Gunners will face Bournemouth and Everton at home and Manchester United away in DGW37.

Havertz Not only is he their best player in terms of output, his goal threat statistics show why he can easily outscore most players between now and the end of the season.

ofThe 55% owner should definitely stop and think before managers sell him, as evidenced by his goal and assist against Tottenham last weekend, which helped him overtake Palmer. Taking the top spot in the midfield.

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