Arsenal’s possible Premier League title parade plan and route amid Manchester City clash

Despite winning two FA Cups since Wenger beat Aston Villa 4-0, Arsenal have not been able to hold a trophy parade since 2015. Nine years later, City currently dominate as their title race continues and a win over their rivals could push them into needing a title race.

Clubs are certainly aware of this and will plan for this possibility, not through any arrogance or assumptions, but simply because the organization needs to accomplish such an event. The march included large residential areas being shut down and packed with people.

Arsenal won the 2020 FA Cup under Arteta but were unable to celebrate the victory with fans at the stadium and subsequent parade through the streets of Highbury due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s a strange moment as, despite now challenging for the title for a second consecutive season, it remains the last major trophy Arteta won.

In 2017, Wenger improbably defeated then-champion Chelsea in the FA Cup final, but did not let the epidemic stop the trophy parade. Arsenal announced there would be no parade before the final.

At that time, the national security threat was critical and the police were already under tremendous pressure. The Gunners had planned to screen the game at the Emirates Stadium, but later announced it would be cancelled, with a possible march instead.

So, fast forward to today and the opportunity to march is back. Looking back at the 2015 march, we can get some hints of what it might mean.

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