The unfair treatment Aston Villa faced this year

If there’s one consistent thing about English football, it’s that the saying “they are the victims of their own success” doesn’t apply at almost any time.

Premier League success breeds expectations which can often spiral out of control.

There are few clearer examples of this than Aston Villa, who just a season ago were in crisis, having won just two of their first eleven games and under head coach Steven Dismal football under Gerrard.

Axing the former Liverpool midfielder a third of the way through the season and replacing him with the experienced Unai Emery not only allowed him to survive, but brought European football to Birmingham for the first time in years .

This event is even more eye-catching.As we are in the final months of the season, the club is in a voting position to qualify for the Champions League and has UEFA
The Division League semifinals are worth looking forward to.

Yet somehow, with the drama of a three-horse title race and Jurgen Klopp leaving his job at Liverpool, Aston Villa’s success story has declined.

That’s unfair because the work Emery has done in lifting the club to such heights and the outstanding performances of players like Ollie Watkins or John McGinn need to be celebrated.

Part of the reason may be that Emery has made a habit of turning outstanding overachievement into an expectation, regardless of the club’s reputation.

At Sevilla and Villarreal, he delivered trophies and Champions League football in a way that exceeded supporters’ expectations.

He appears to be repeating his mistakes at Aston Villa, who, it should be noted, are a club with great ambitions and reputation.

As Emery himself pointed out, this was all planned.

Asked about challenging the top six English clubs, the Spanish coach replied: “Hopefully that’s the idea, but to confirm it we need time.

“Even after we get here we still need to make progress. It’s possible we could finish fifth or fourth, but even with Champions League position we have to confirm it next month, next year, maybe even the month after that. “The next two years.

“Keeping it long-term is a confirmation we can make. There is an example in my career.

“When the owner signed with me and talked about the project, he told me it was two years, three years. No, this project is the next game to win.

“Only by winning and really achieving short-term goals can we solidify the project. We can talk about the project for the next three years. But that’s not realistic for me.

“As a coach, the project is the process in front of you and how you add or achieve goals in a short period of time. The project here lasted three and a half years, but we needed to solidify it every month and trust our process and our approach.

Contrast with Hao’s praise

Perhaps Emery’s nationality has contributed to the lack of appreciation for the work he has done at Villa.

When you compare Eddie Howe’s reaction when he achieved a similar feat at Newcastle United last season, the contrast is stark.

The young Englishman has been named the best coach of 2022, with Jamie Carragher and others praising him for doing such a good job that not even serial league champion Pep Guardiola can surpass him.

However, when Emery took center stage during back-to-back wins over Manchester City and Arsenal in November, Carragher dubbed him the “third best manager” in the league – an honor largely due to the trophies he had won previously.

The incredible job he has done in improving a team that was going nowhere under Carragher’s old friend Steven Gerrard will certainly not go unnoticed in Birmingham, where fans are cheering for several Delighted that the most spectacular season of the decade is over.

As Emery himself has emphasized, this is an achievement in the most challenging sector on earth.

“We have the best teams, players and coaches in the Premier League. It’s the best league in the world and the most difficult,” he reflected.

“Of course there are other leagues with big clubs. In total, there are not only seven teams here that are serious contenders for the Champions League, but there are also other teams such as West Ham United, Fulham and even Wolves. team.

“Crystal Palace are playing very well now. They have three great strikers. In Spain, Germany and Italy it is difficult to see a team with players like this in tenth place in the league. That is the difficulty we face. Newcastle Two They defeated Tottenham Hotspur 4-0 last week and lost to Crystal Palace last week.

Perhaps once the season is over and Emery lifts the European trophy at Villa Park for the first time since 1982 and wins the Champions League, he will get his due.

But we probably shouldn’t expect dazzling praise from Eddie Howe, maybe that’s just how Unai likes it; flying under the radar to claim the crown.

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