Premier League clubs are set to face more chaos next season as dates for the 2024/25 season are announced… and there is “no obvious resolution” to some conflicts between European and domestic competitions

  • Three matches will be played between European Cup week and Carabao Cup week
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Premier League clubs face more disruption next season, with clashes between European and domestic competitions and no mid-season break.

The top teams could face three clashes between European fixtures and Carabao Cup fixtures in midweek.

Officially announced that the 2024/25 season will be played from August 17 to May 25, and the detailed schedule will be announced on June 18.

There are two rounds of Champions League matches in the last two weeks of January, which explains why FA Cup replays were deemed unfeasible by the big six clubs, who pushed for the change.

It was recently revealed by the Daily Mail that some third-round rematches would normally take place in late January, but all have been cancelled. The Champions League group stage will be expanded from six to eight games and will fill the vacancy in late January.

Premier League clubs face more chaos next season with three clashes scheduled between Euro and Carabao Cup matchweeks
There will be eight games in the Champions League group stage in the net season, and the other two games will be played roughly during the FA Cup replays

While the schedule was shortened in early and mid-January to allow players to get fit this season, there will be no such respite in 2024/25.

The first match between the Carabao Cup and the European competition will be played in the week starting on 16 September.

In the middle of the week, the third round of the Carabao Cup will be a fierce competition with the first match of the Champions League group stage.

The same applies to next week, when Carabao Cup duties will be mixed with those of the Europa League.

This will force clubs participating in European competitions to change their schedules and play domestic cup matches the week before or the week after participating in European competitions. The first Europa League matchweek is “exclusive”, meaning clubs must play their Carabao Cup matches a week in advance.

At the same time, the sixth round of the Europa League will directly clash with the Carabao Cup quarter-finals on December 18, and there is “no obvious solution” to this dilemma.

‘No obvious solution’ when Europa League quarter-finals clash with Carabao Cup quarter-finals on December 18

The Carabao Cup semi-finals will maintain a two-leg format, a tradition that dates back to the tournament’s inception in 1961.

UEFA insists they are not responsible for the date conflict and that national associations have a responsibility to ease the pressure on clubs’ schedules.

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