Big changes coming to Fratton Park as Portsmouth kick off exciting new ‘Premier League Ready’ feature: Gallery

Those celebrations continued into Saturday, when Blues captain Marlon Parker was presented with the league championship trophy in front of a packed PO4.

But just days after those joyous historic scenes on the pitch, the face of Pompey’s famous home has changed dramatically. The stadium has been demolished and scaffolding erected for the latest reconstruction work.

Blues boss Tornante has spent around £12m on the current stage of renovations at Fratton Park.But the last piece of the puzzle still needs to be in place – 20 meters long “Premier League Ready” TV Gantry It will sit proudly on top of the South Stand.

Commenting on what will happen at Fratton Park in the coming weeks, PMC Construction managing director Steve Cripps said: “The schedule is very tight. The first phase of the pitch will be completed this Sunday. Our crane pad will be installed on Monday. It was laid on Tuesday and Wednesday, then the crane arrived on Friday.

“The crane takes three days to set up and then we have to install the TV gantry in the first week of June and then the crane has to be taken down and then we do the second phase, which is seeding, so we have a good start to the season. site.

“During this process, the scaffolding will remain and we will install the gantry, which will take about another three to four weeks. If all goes well, we should be finished by the end of July.

The new TV gantry will be able to accommodate up to eight cameras and will replace the existing three-camera lower gantry located in front of the director’s box. This space has been designated for additional hospitality seating.

Another gantry was also introduced at the Fratton Stand, with the platform suspended from the trusses so that it does not affect the fans’ view of the pitch.

Fans were given a preview on big screens at Fratton Park on Saturday of how the construction work will be carried out and what the final product will look like. Chief executive Andy Cullen said in his program note that the gantry represents the final phase of the current phase of work taking place at ground level.

He said: “After today’s game the pitch will be demolished and a large 30-tonne crane will be ready to begin installing the TV gantry. This is the final and perhaps most challenging part of the current phase of the Fratton Park development. . A short video will play on the large screen showing the construction process and what it will look like when completed.

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