Fantasy Premier League Tips: Is playing two games a week always the best option?

Fantasy Premier League managers face a crucial crossroads over transfers this week, as the season peaks in a fortnight.

To maximize game time, we’re tempted to restructure the squad and go after players who have six games left between now and the end of the season, rather than those who have just four games left.

But do we always have to compete, or should we stay true to the FPL players who got us to this point?

Format and schedule

I believe myself to be a patient manager in FPL and usually prioritize players who are in good form rather than those who perform best in upcoming matches. My feeling is that, in general, stable players tend to be stable and should reciprocate loyalty to the game because they have a wider path to fantasy rewards.

However, all that logic goes out the window when it comes to dual-week games, as the temptation to back those who play both games becomes too hard to ignore. My logic for biweekly tournaments (a rare event in FPL) is that the more tickets, the better.



Ahead of Week 35 games, FPL players to target in your Wild Card lineup

Patience is everything when it comes to playing FPL well – and these occasional doubles give reasonable license to tear up the rulebook. However, going all out doesn’t always produce the desired results. Luck is still a big factor, and in many cases, rotation and lack of playing time can hinder production.

There are also cases where players who play double matches a week are injured in the first game─for example Darwin Nunez (£7.8m) tied in game week 25 Diogo Jota (£7.9m) This game week. It can wreak havoc on plans and schedules.

If we look at the biweekly games we’ve had this season, Carlton Morris (£4.9m) The forward was the only one named in the FPL Team of the Week when Luton Town and Burnley doubled up in Game 7, scoring 12 points.

Five double-match week assets were named Team of the Week in Gameweek 25, including Liverpool Alexis McAllister (£5.9m) He scored 17 points and became the player of the week, but the final lineup lacked the popular rookie.

A similar situation occurred in Game 28, in which Luton and Bournemouth played two games.Four Bournemouth players named in Team of the Week but ownership high Dominic Solanke (£7.3m) Not one of them scored eight points.

Generally speaking, it’s wise to cover likely key captain assets before a doubleheader, but it’s never a guarantee of where the harvest will fall, so finding a balance is important.

Best bi-weekly game goals

Looking ahead to the final four weeks of the season, Chelsea and Tottenham’s players are becoming increasingly popular as they have up to six games left in that period.

However, Tottenham still have to face the top three in this period: they face Arsenal in the first game of Gameweek 35, then face Liverpool in Gameweek 36, and face Arsenal in Gameweek 37. Two games against Manchester City.

Spurs have kept just six clean sheets this season and just one clean sheet in 2024, with no need to cover their defense given the challenges of the upcoming games.

In attack, son Xingmin (£9.8m) Is a key player who needs to adapt because his position as a striker and captain is not suitable. However, with midfield options already saturated, he’s in a difficult price point.

On a positive note, Tottenham’s assets should be ready to perform as they remain in contention for fourth place in the Premier League, battling Aston Villa for the final Champions League spot.

Son Heung-min, Tottenham Hotspur

Son is Tottenham Hotspur’s smartest FPL asset (Adrian Dennis/AFP via Getty Images)

Chelsea will also be motivated to secure their place in European football next season, with their initial double-match week tougher than Tottenham’s before the schedule improves.

But there are some doubts in Mauricio Pochettino’s squad – compounded by a 5-0 defeat at Arsenal – with star players out with illness Cole Palmer (£6.2m)Suspected injury Marlo Gusteau (£4.3m)and the threat of suspension Nicholas Jackson(6.8m).

Palmer is the key short-term target but there may be no need to add to Chelsea’s assets before Gameweek 36, when the injury and form picture will be clearer.

As well as Chelsea and Tottenham, we have four other teams who have achieved the double in Game 37: Manchester City, Brighton, Manchester United and Newcastle United.

With City out of the Champions League and not playing in the FA Cup final until six days after the Premier League ends, Guardiola’s rotation should not be a widespread issue.

Newcastle United and Manchester United are still in contention for a European spot, although we do need to take a look at their form and the injury situation in their respective squads.

Single game week players deserve your loyalty

Players from Liverpool and Arsenal were among the most sold this week, Mohamed Salah (£13.6m) and Bukayo Saka (£9m) Despite being one of the top FPL scorers in the competition, he was transferred out.

However, with both sides still competing for the title, selling star players in favor of buying more capped players is a high-risk strategy.

I think Salah has the fourth highest goal involvement this season with 17 goals and 9 assists, and although he has the temptation to release those funds and the midfield spot, I think he will be in charge until the end of the season goalkeeper.Saka, along with Martin Odegaard (£8.6m)This is another potential retainer given his form this season, with scoring avenues plentiful as Arsenal’s talisman.

Arsenal’s Saka is a quality option without a doubleheader before the end of the season (Mike Hewitt/Getty Images)

arsenal defender Gabriel (£5.4m) and William Saliba (£5.9m) The team’s ball possession rate is still very high and is the key to the team’s defensive foundation.

Arsenal have kept a league-leading 16 clean sheets this season, six more than any other team, and both players are valuable assets, especially given the lack of reliable defensive options elsewhere. However, a double is difficult to justify, especially away from Tottenham and Manchester United in weeks when other teams have doubled.

Ollie Watkins (£8.9m) and Solanke Both men enter the Golden Boot race with 19 and 18 goals, just shy of Palmer and Palmer’s 20 goals Erling Haaland (£14.2m) this season.

Watkins leads the way with 36 goals in 33 games this season and looks to be the player the team must keep until the end. Watkins remains in more than a third of FPL teams – although we do need to note his Villa’s continued involvement in the Europa League.

It would be worthwhile to keep Solanke on for at least another week before Bournemouth host Brighton, before offloading him in Gameweek 36 when his side travel to Arsenal.

(Above: Son Heung-min (left) and Mohamed Salah; Getty Images)

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