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Former Premier League referee Chris Foy reviews Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two decisions; Rotherham 0-0 Birmingham City, Watford 0-0 Hull City, Oxford United 1-1 Stevenage, Doncaster 4-2 Barrow and Walsall 2-3 Bradford City full analysis

15:45, UK, Tuesday, April 23, 2024

In Behind the Whistle, former Premier League referee Chris Foy picks out a selection of key match decisions from the latest fixtures in the Sky Bet Championship, League One and League Two.

Behind the Whistle aims to give supporters of EFL clubs an insight into decision-making considerations and clarify certain calls on how the rules of the game are interpreted.

As part of Sky Sports’ regular coverage after matchday, Foy is here to guide you through some officiating issues in the EFL…

Rotherham United 0-0 Birmingham City

Should Birmingham City’s goal against Rotherham be disallowed?

event: Goal – Possibly offside (Birmingham City)

Decide: Goal disallowed – Offside interference (Birmingham City)

Foy said: “The decision to rule out an offside goal at Birmingham City was a very good one because the referee and the assistant referee put together a ‘jigsaw puzzle’ – the assistant referee could see the attacker was in an offside position and the referee could help determine if it was offside. .

“When the shot was aimed at the goal, Birmingham’s number three made an obvious move, running through the goalkeeper’s path and jumping over the ball.

“The assistant referee then has to decide whether the Birmingham number three was offside and, if so, whether his actions affected the goalkeeper.

“Because he ran in front of the goalkeeper and was very close, it was undoubtedly the right decision to disallow the penalty because not only was he clearly blocking the goalkeeper’s view, but it also affected his ability to shoot.” Save.

Watford 0-0 Hull City

Was the referee’s decision correct for Hull City’s decision against Watford?

event: Possible Penalty – Foul (Hull City)

Decide: Penalty awarded (Hull City)

Foy said: “The decision to award a penalty to Hull City highlights the importance of positioning and good movement to create a good perspective for the referee when making key game decisions.

“As Hull City sprinted towards the opposition goal, the referee covered the ground well and showed good awareness to position himself in a position where contact could be clearly seen.

“When Hull City’s No. 45 was tripped in the penalty area, the referee was motivated to award a penalty because there was a clear link to the consequences because Watford’s No. 4 did not touch the ball and tripped Hull. City’s attacking players.

Oxford United 1-1 Stevenage

Oxford United were awarded a penalty for this infringement in their league match against Stevenage.

event: Possible Penalty – Reserved (Oxford United)

Decide: Penalty kick awarded (Oxford United)

Foy said: “When awarding penalties for holding the ball, it is crucial to determine when the holding of the ball has stopped, as holding the ball starting outside the penalty area but continuing inside the penalty area means a penalty should be awarded.

“In this case, the Stevenage No. 6 clearly occupied the Oxford United No. 20 as the attackers were advancing towards the penalty area.

“Although possession of the ball was sufficient to warrant a foul, replays confirmed that contact was stopped before the Oxford United attacker entered the penalty area and therefore, in my view, the correct decision was to award the free kick outside the penalty area.”

Doncaster Rovers 4-2 Barrow

Doncaster Rovers awarded penalty in win over Barrow

event: Possible Penalty – Foul (Doncaster Rovers)

Decide: Penalty kick awarded (Doncaster Rovers)

Foy said: “In a game with such huge stakes in the League Two play-offs, the referee showed good awareness and confidence in his decision to award Doncaster a penalty.

“With the fast-moving stages of the game and the way the Barrow Six took their feet away after contact, it would have been easy for the referee to wave away the play or possibly suspect the simulation.

“However, due to the referee’s excellent position, he was able to identify that the Barrow defender had indeed made contact, resulting in the Doncaster No. 20 being tripped and the penalty correctly awarded.”

Walsall 2-3 Bradford City

Should Jamie Walker see a red card against Bradford City against Walsall?

event: Possible second warning (Bradford City)

Decide: 2nd warning – red card (Bradford City)

Foy said: “Despite having been warned, Bradford City’s number seven took a huge risk of receiving a second yellow card as he pulled a Walsall player back into an attacking position to prevent him from passing the ball in. restricted area.

“While the contact was not necessarily sustained, the action to pull him back was not a football move and hindered progress and therefore met the threshold for a second yellow card, so in this case the referee made the right decision.”

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